Thursday, May 19, 2011


Sometimes I only have to step into the garden to find some inspiration. There was some rain a few days ago and afterwards the sun was shining. I took lots of photo's from different plants and flowers. But this first photo is a spider web between some stones. This is part of a flower bud, it's an Oriental Poppy. We planted it last week and I'm looking forward seeing it bloom.

We also planted some daisies. I like the raindrops on the petals.

When I was taking photo's of my pansies, I saw this bee. This was a lucky shot, you can see its tongue. These pansies didn't stop flowering since we planted them in October!

These photo's already inspired me to some tangling for this week's zentangle challenge. My daughter drew a complex string for me, it's not finished yet.


  1. Wonderful photographs, kiddo. So beautiful!

  2. Wonderful pics! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing!!! thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the photos. Your camera does closeups much better than mine does.


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