Saturday, April 9, 2011

Blue flower

I've been experimenting with gesso in my studio journal, I just started a new journal for this. I have so many idea's and want to try them all. This time I mixed gesso with dark blue watercolour paint. There was some gesso left when I finished my page, so I put it on an inchie. When it was dry I added the brown watercolour paint to turn it into a flower. I just put a big drop of paint in the centre and made marks with a wooden cocktail stitck. I like the result! This is part of the blue gesso in my studio journal. It was still wet when I took a photo. My oldest daughter gave me a marble and told me to make marks with it in the gesso. We keep inspiring each other the last few weeks, but she turns her idea's into digital art.
This is the marble when it was dry. My daughter wanted it back, so I took a few photo's of the details. There are some lovely patterns on it and I'm sure I can use those in my journal again.
When the gesso in my journal was dry, I added some brown watercolour paint. I like the effect of this.


  1. Great stuff you always come up with something different and amazing.

  2. Don't think I would have thought to use a marble. It looks really interesting. Too bad your daughter wanted it back. I hope you got lots of angles of it.


  3. I like veeeery much what you did with the gesso. Das sieht einfach super aus! Das inchie is süss. Tolle Idee. Und danke für Deinen Kommentar zu meiner Stickerei. Mal sehen, wie es weitergeht!


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