Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chicken scratch 2

I continued to experiment with chicken scratch on the same fabric. This time I made cross stitches with white DMC and laced them ones. Then I made a small example in two colours. When I laced it, I inserted the needle in the opposite direction to make loops.
I wanted to know how it looked with a different colour, so I used blue on the white areas . . .
. . . and blue on the red areas for a different look.
The last thing I tried was a square set on it's point. First I did the white parts on the red areas.
Then I filled the white areas with red to complete the square. I think it looks good.
I made these ATC's for a purple swap a few days before the start of stitch explorer. I used fabric with shapes of diamonds. The top one is done in chicken scratch, the bottom one in trellis. You can take a closer look at them here.


  1. Vooral het laatste vierkant vind ik erg mooi en ook de paarse ATC. Geeft weer inspiratie voor verdere experimenten!

  2. Hoi Annet, mooie werkjes heb je weer gemaakt. Kon het niet laten om jou te "taggen". Kijk maar even op mijn weblog.

  3. I particularly like the bottom white and red design. It's great.


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