Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chicken scratch 3

Yesterday I made the last examples on my Gingham square. For this one I used cotton no. 12 and I laced it with loops. It looks much better with this thread. Then I made some blue stitches with 2 threads of DMC and I laced them with white. In the centre I made an Algerian eye stitch.
And this is the last one on my Gingham fabric. There's no embroidery space left on my square! I made 8 running stitches with cotton no. 12 and laced them with loops. I added the numbers, so you can follow the thread.
This morning I did some stitching on embroidery fabric. I think it's called aïda. I first made the original pattern with 4 threads of green DMC.
And then I duplicated the stars I made on my Gingham fabric. I filled the spaces of the stars with lighter green. I made a double cross stitch, but the standing one is bigger than the diagonal one.


  1. Er zijn wel heel veel mogelijkheden met ruit veranderen, vind je ook niet. Voorlopig ben ik nog niet klaar met experimenteren, vandaag ben ik op jouw lapje begonnen.

  2. your chicken scratch samples are lovely. thank you for sharing!


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