Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cover for Rooie

A few months ago I started making the cover for my altered book Rooie. I was inspired by Japanese boro. First I stitched the name on a scrap of Aida.
Then I made a nice composition with red fabric scraps.
After stitching part of these scraps I could add the label with Holbein stitch, Sunday Stitch School number 30.
I used running stitch and cross stitch for the boro work in DMC special dentelle 80.
The cover is finished, I only have to glue it to the cover of my altered book to have a finish!
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  1. A very nice book cover, the Holbein stitch is really good for attaching labels!

    1. Thanks, Queenie. I hope to share the finished book soon, I only have to take photos!


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