dinsdag 18 juli 2017

Zigzag stitch sampler

A few weeks ago Queeniepatch introduced us to zigzag stitch in her Sunday Stitch School. I made an Aida sampler to give it a try. Last Saturday I only shared the first rows, today I’m going to share the remaining experiments.

In these 2 rows I experimented with the size of the zigzag stitch. The threads are yellow cotton a broder #25 and 2 threads of stranded pink floss.
Here I alternated the size of the zigzag stitch. The thread is perle 12.
Of course I also had to stitch a normal zigzag stitch in perle 8, but . . .
. . . it also looks great if you shift every other row.
I did the same with my alternated experiment in perle 12. I like these rows of bowties, but . . .
 . . . when I shifted every other row it looks even better. Love this variation, it gives a very nice pattern.
And here’s my complete sampler. I enjoyed experimenting with zigzag stitch.
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6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, Annet, you have those special eyes that see patterns form and shift based on a basic stitch! Here you have a very nice variety and I agree, that last pattern is especially attractive.

    1. Thanks, Queenie. When the last pattern appeared, I had to think about a pretty dress for Sue!

  2. once again you have found lots of variations on this one stitch very nice

    1. Thanks, Margaret. It was great to do some experimenting again.

  3. Pretty stitches, Annet!
    Nice to see your variations.
    Barbara x