Monday, July 3, 2017

ICAD 27-33

This year I’m participating in ICAD (Index Card A Day) again, it’s my second time. There’s a weekly theme with daily prompts. I share them on my Facebook blog the day I create them and I’ll write a weekly post with more info here. You can find the theme and prompts at Daisy Yellow.

Day 27 was inspired by the corners collage in Tammy’s Index Card Art Tutorials -Explore Pack.
Day 27
For day 28 I only used the prompt. It was inspired by this collage for the horizon prompt of Wonder31.
Day 28
When I read the prompt for day 29, this song popped into my head. I used origami paper, a fineliner, ink, a stamp and spray ink with a stencil.
Day 29
Prompt 30 was a big challenge. But after looking for inspiration at Pinterest I knew I wanted to make a 3D version of the prompt.
Day 30
 I used a cheap watercolour set to paint my card.
Day 30 in progress
Prompt 31 was the start of the second month. I used wallpaper, painted book pages and a magazine clipping for my one staple collage.
Day 31
When I finished this card, I found a surprise in my mailbox. Sharon’s book finally arrived! Of course I flipped through the pages, but I’m looking forward to read it when ICAD is finished.
Another collage for day 32. Toetje in de woestijn is Dutch for dessert in the desert.
Day 32
And this morning I made another collage for day 33. I used painted book pages, origami paper, a paper flower, stickers, staples, a bracelet from my husband’s yoga-weekend and an old glue resist inchie with French knots. You can read more about this inchie here.
Day 33
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  1. you amaze me how creative you are to come up with all these designs they are amazing. I expect my book from Sharon to arrive today or tomorrow it is on the way so excited

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I hope your book arrived too.

  2. Wat een afwisseling, Annet. Echt heel leuk om te zien!

    1. Dank je wel, Marjolein. Dit is ook heel leuk om te doen.

  3. You have so much variation in your work. Day 30 is great! Enjoy Sharon's book!

    1. Thanks, Queenie. Day 30 was tricky but fun. I'm sure I'll enjoy reading Sharon's book. Of course I alread flipped through the pages, it looks great!


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