maandag 21 maart 2016

Teesha Moore patches for Carol

Carol was my swap partner in 3 different swaps for Teesha Moore inspired patches. I made the first patch with a cute cat fabric. It’s decorated with French knots in the flowers and a running stitch at the edge.
The second patch is made of a scrap from my old needle case. I decorated it with cross stitches and buttons.
This last patch is decorated with buttons and beads.
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4 opmerkingen:

  1. a lovely variety of swaps here, like the way you have decorated the cat one cats are always a winner with me

  2. Great patches, Annet! I especially like the cat one with the pretty flowers and French knots. French knots are a favourite stitch of mine!
    Barbara xx

  3. Terrific looking patches especially the one using the cat printed material. Some days I don't check Facebook often enough and my feed gets too full to see all the many posts. Nice to visit your blog again :)

  4. Thanks, ladies! Sorry for my late reply to your lovely comments, life is challenging from time to time!