Thursday, August 20, 2015

Quirky Dutch Summer week 10

QDS #10 is called Love Mandala and is a guest post by Tammy Garcia. Tammy made a video when she drew her mandala. First I watched it and then I made a trial drawing on paper. I’m glad I did, because I made a mistake in the lettering. Then I drew a second mandala in my red altered book. I changed the straight lines radiating from the centre into wavy lines. Of course I had to use another word too. There’s a big change in my live right now (no children at home for the next 5 months and one child in Cape Town for the same period), so CHANGE is my word for this spread. I painted this spread in acrylic paint. It wasn’t easy, next time I need a decent brush! To make it look better, I marked the drawing lines with a Sakura Micron pen. I like my first mandala!

You can see what others did for this week at Marit’s Paper World or the Quirky Dutch Summer facebookgroup.


  1. I do like the wavy lines you have adapted and the whole piece is so colourful, it will seem strange for you no children at home, enjoy the quiet time

  2. Thanks, Margaret. I think it will take some time before I can enjoy the quiet time!


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