zondag 12 juli 2015

Quirky Dutch Summer week 1 and 2

Last month I discovered a new blog, Marit’s Paper World. This summer she shares 10 Quirky Dutch Summer posts to keep creativity flowing during the summer months.
I thought this would help me to fill my second altered book Rood, but the first week was a post about making your own book or alter a book. I was inspired by all the eye candy in the Quirky Dutch Summer facebook group, so I started a new altered book.
I used an old English book about karate.
I removed more than half of the pages. Of course I keep those removed pages for experiments. I’ll decorate the outside of my book when it’s filled from cover to cover.
QDS #2 is called Masking with Watercolor. Marcia Beckett was the guest blogger for this challenge, she showed us one of her favourite watercolour techniques to get shapes with crisp edges. This is my first try with contact paper on watercolour paper (bottom) and one of the removed pages from my book with gesso (top).
I used blue and yellow watercolour paint.
The result on the page with gesso. I could remove the contact paper very easy, but the gesso was not such a good idea. No crisp edge here.
The result on watercolour paper.
It was badly damaged when I removed the contact paper.
A second try in my watercolour journal with a better quality paper.
The wet watercolour paint looks very nice.
The result was much better, . . .
. . . but some of the paper was damaged again.
Time for a third try. I used freezer paper on watercolour paper.
I used purple and green watercolour paint.
I forgot to take a photo of the result, before using it. This is the first spread in my book. I painted the background with black acrylic paint. Then I cut the experiment and attached it with double sided sticky tape. I added the date and doodled with a black pen.
You can take a closer look at my spread here.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. you have created some lovely pieces here, but I could not understand what you are doing with the book, and why half of it has been removed.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I'm going to add lots of things to the pages, so I had to remove a lot of pages to make room!

  2. I like your ideas and your painting techniques in the end have worked beautifully but I am like Margaret, confused about why you have only taken half the pages out!

    1. Thank, Susan. The pages are the base of my 'new' book. This time I just started at the first page and don't paint the pages all at ones. I'll use it for the QDS challenges first and then continue with my own idea's.

  3. A fascinating post, Annet, it was good to see your work process. Marit's Paper World's first post on Quirky Dutch Summer about bookbinding has given me ideas for an album for some old photographs that are in need of a new cover! I just need to find some binder rings now. Barbara xx

    1. Thanks, Barbara. The first QDS post was loaded with great idea's, I'm sure I'll come back to it some day. I'm looking forward to see what you're going to do!

  4. The 'karate book' is wonderful, I love the bright red cover! I also love that you show us the tests you did with watercolor, that's such important 'info' for both yourself as well as your blogreaders... I love the results!

    1. Dank je wel, Marit.Ik vind het zelf ook altijd makkelijk om iets terug te zoeken op mijn blog.