donderdag 3 juli 2014

Beaded buttonhole stitch

TAST stitch 118 is beaded buttonhole stitch. TAST stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday, an embroidery challenge at Pin Tangle.
Before starting my sampler I looked in my bead embroidery books. I bought them after reading the reviews at Needle ‘n Thread here and here. I just love the section of beaded needlepoint in the RSN book!
For now it was only beaded buttonhole stitch. These first 2 rows were inspired by the samples in the RSN book. They are done in cotton a broder and perle 12.
In the RSN book I saw a row with round sequins. I don’t have any matching ones, but luckily I found a few star sequins. The thread is perle 8.
This row is a copy of sample 31 in the book Bead embroidery stitch samples
The thread is perle 12.
The first row in the next photo is a copy of row 30 in the same book. The second row is a variation of Sharon’s sample in her tutorial. The threads are stranded floss and perle 12.
Here I made a simple pattern with the beads. The thread is wool.
The first row in the next photo is closed buttonhole stitch in perle 8. In the last row in perle 5 I flipped the arms of the buttonhole from top to bottom. It’s just a tiny stitch, there was not much space left on my sampler!
Take a closer look at my complete sampler here.

7 opmerkingen:

  1. What a lot of fun stitches. I like the row with starry sequins.

  2. More wonderful samples form you to stimulate our creativity, beads work so well with buttonhole stitch and I think I will use some of these on my crazy work. Not usually a beady [person but Sharon has certainly shown us how to put them to good use and you take us a few steps further with what you do

  3. A beautiful use of the beads, I do like the stars!

  4. Thank you ladies, I enjoyed stitching this.

  5. lovely variety of this stitch.