Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Crossed and plaited feather stitch

TAST stitch 92 and 93 are crossed and plaited feather stitch. TAST stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday, a challenge at Pin Tangle.

I stitched my sampler on the last space that was left on my 14 count Aida sampler. There was not enough room to try both versions in separate rows, so I started my row with crossed feather stitch and switched halfway to plaited feather stitch. 
My first row is done in perle 8, normal stitches with green and wider stitches with purple. This is crossed feather stitch . . . 
. . . and plaited feather stitch.
I thought both versions could look nice for braided hair, so I stitched a row in wool. First crossed feather stitch, . . .
. . . then plaited feather stitch. I think I like the plaited feather stitch more for braided hair.
A wide crossed feather stitch in perle 8 . . .
. . . and plaited feather stitch with the same threads.
A small stretched crossed feather stitch with perle 8 . . .
 . . . and plaited feather stitch with the same threads.
Crossed feather stitch in Stef Francis spun silk with flames. This thread changes in colour and thickness.
Plaited feather stitch with the same thread.
And here’s my 9 x 9 inch Aida sampler with some of this year’s TAST stitches. Take a closer look at my sampler and all details in this Flick album.
Reversed buttonhole bar is this week’s TAST stitch, but I only have my 2 simple rows for TAST 2007 to share. You can read my old post here.


  1. Your sampler is a piece of art!
    Although Plaited Feather Stitch takes a little longer to do than the Crossed version, I like it much better and as you say it would make nice braided hair.
    Also when worked in a variegated thread you get a rich look that is not too strict.

  2. what a wonderful sampler. Love the purple/green together great stitchng


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