dinsdag 22 oktober 2013

Old Turkman stitches

TAST stitch 86 is Turkman stitch AKA double chain stitch or closed feather stitch. This is one of those stitches I used on a TAST sampler and forgot all about it. TAST stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday, a challenge at Pin Tangle.

The first row on my TAST 2010 Turkman stitch sampler is stitched in perle 12.
This stacked row of Turkman stitches is done in perle 8 and 12.
A row in Stef Francis perle 5.
Another stacked row, big stitches in perle 5 and smaller stitches in perle 12.
Here I made 2 mirrored rows close together and attached them with trellis stitch
I like the knots in the trellis stitch!
This is a stitch combo of Turkman stitch, Chevron stitch, detached chain stitch, straight stitch and herringbone stitch in perle 5, 8 and 12. It could be a pretty 
CQ seam.
A row with 2 threads of stranded floss in different colours.
And some freestyle Turkman stitches in perle 5.
My last detail is part of my buttonholed double chain stitch sampler. I played with the name buttonholed double chain. I stitched Turkman stitch AKA double chain in yellow and buttonholed the zigzag in purple. Both threads are perle 8.
There are more old samples of Turkman stitch from other participants in the Flickr TAST group.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh la la, Annet, this is great what you are showing. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  2. so many variations and love the one with all the different stitches in, think I will try and use this stitch on my CQ block for november

  3. Here, here! Margaret has said it all! The stitch is great and you have expanded it with so many beautiful variations. Your Turkman Combo stitch is really fantastic.

  4. You certainly have done a lot of great variations with this stitch! Will have to try it soon when I'm done with my owls.

  5. You have shown us a lot of lovely stitch combinations, thanks for sharing!