Saturday, October 26, 2013

A piece of Escher

This month’s theme for the ATC swap at Fibre Fever is Escher. I made my ATC for Kate in the UK.
This swap was a great excuse to flip through this book.
Escher’s snakes was one of my favourites, but way too big to translate to ATC size in fabric. So I only took a small piece from the bottom at the right side of the snake’s head and stitched it in stem stitches with different threads.
After sending my ATC to Kate, I went to the Tropenmuseum to see Escher’s work. One of the first things I saw was Escher’s original study of his snakes!
I shared more photo’s of my visit to the Tropenmuseum in this Wordless Monday post.

For my Dutch readers:
De Escher tentoonstelling in het Tropenmuseum is nog te zien tot en met 
3 november 2013.


  1. Wat maak je toch een prachtig werk ,en ja escher fantastisch

  2. beautifully translated into stitch

  3. Yes, beautiful work, and the stem stitches are so rich and textured they make me think of Sumptuous Surface Embroidery.
    The snake design is awesome!

  4. Your "Escher" is beautiful. Such a good idea.


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