Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Old French knots

The TAST stitch for week 16 is French knots, my favourite stitch! I’ve used this stitch in many different ways. My first example is a detail of my ATC Love with one thread of stranded floss. I stitched a cross stitch heart on pink Gingham and decorated it with French knots to emphasize its shape.
Here I used French knots to stitch the Eiffel tower. This image was my guide for the knots.
On this ATC I used French knots as a filling. The outline of the mushroom is done in stem stitch. The French knots are stitched with stranded DMC color variation, 2 threads inside the dots and 3 threads at the bottom. The mushroom is designed by Mollie Johansen.
This is a progress detail on block 15 of my Crazy Monday quilt. I used the French knots to raise the dots in the fabric.
This is a progress detail on block 8 of my Crazy Monday quilt. Here I’m using the French knots to attach the rickrack to the curved edge. I didn’t use pins to hold the rickrack.
Here I used French knots to attach the organza ribbon on my ATC Animal Skin. I’ve used this technique in more projects, but this was the first one.
This embroidery was inspired by Luiz’s beautiful embroidery Good Morning. It’s a detail of my ornament Reply to Good Morning. The thread is an overdyed Stef Francis perle 5.
This week I’m going to use French knots to finish my week 13 sampler. It still needs a few whipped wheels too.


  1. Lots of knots! The mushroom tickles my fancy.

  2. beautiful examples. I am honored with your work ~ reply to Good Morning ;)

  3. Lovely knots. Beautiful samples.


  4. Beautiful works with the french knot..it was so nice to be here. http://embroiderandsew.blogspot.com/2012/04/tast-week-16-french-knot.html

  5. very pretty tower.
    Done very nicely.

  6. Love your work on Reply to Good Morning. There is so much texture. I see a lot of potential for using stitches in this way. Thanks for sharing.


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