Saturday, March 31, 2012

TAST week 13 update

There’s no new TAST stitch this week, it’s catch-up week. But Sharon has a 2 mini challenges for stitchers who can’t stop. The first challenge is to use 3-6 stitches from the first 12 weeks in your embroidery. I wrote about the start of my sampler on Tuesday. This is how my embroidery looks today, there’s a lot more stitching to do! So far I only used chain stitches with ecru perle 8. In this piece I combine embroidery with zentangle. The tangle I’m stitching is called Mooka. I’ve used it in the zentangle I shared yesterday.
The second challenge is to share a tip on how you manage your stitching time. Well, I try to get some stitching done every day. I share a few thing about how I organize my TAST stitching. In the first week of this challenge I cut a lot of samplers from different fabrics I wanted to use. I prepared them by zigzagging the edges and adding extra strips of fabric, so it fits my embroidery hoop. Some of them don’t have any stitches yet.
Some are finished or partly filled.
This is how I store them in my cupboard.
The sampler I’m working on is pinned on the quilt I use as my design board, so I can look at it from time to time.
The embroidery threads for each sampler are in a plastic bag with a note about the sampler.
And I bought a squared notebook to draw my idea’s for the stitches. Idea’s mostly pop up when I don’t have time to stitch and I don’t want to forget them. If I don’t have time to draw in my notebook I make a quick note and add it in my notebook later that day. I have another notebook to write what I have stitched, that's how 
I can write about it on my blog!
Read more about TAST week 13 at Pin Tangle.


  1. Those chain stitches are looking good for your zentangle.

  2. I wish I was this organized. I am ashamed to say that my TAST challenge work is all tossed into a drawer higgledy piggledy :)

  3. My TAST is tucked away in a box. Love the look of your zentanglembroidery! (hey, a new word, yes?) lol...You are so organized.

  4. The 'mooka' looks great as embroidery! And thanks for sharing your process - such organization skills always come in handy for such a project.

  5. Your embroidered Mooka is gorgeous!

  6. I think you are a naturally organized person. I certainly don't have the fabric prepared for future TAST stitches. I literally grab what's handy.

    Your embroidery, as always, looks good. Zentangle is where tangled threads in embroidery is a good thing!

    I just learned what "deze is ook leuk!" means :^D (cool blog, too, but I need a translator for it.)

  7. You are so very organized, Annet. This is why you are probably how you achieve so much?? Look forward to seeing the rest of your zentangle inspired emb. Regards Dianne.


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