Sunday, August 2, 2009

Contemporary embroidery 2

Yesterday I found some beer bottle caps I wanted to use for a crochet project. They where perfect for the idea that popped up in my head. My husband drilled holes in the edges, so I could attach them. I used an old jeans from my daughter for the background. I embroidered the outline in chain stitches, the hands in the Portuguese stem stitch with needlewoven points and a whipped wheel in the centre. The letters are done in backstitches. I used 4 threads of DMC for everything. Then I attached the bottle caps. I made large running stitches about an inch from the chain stitches to stretch it over a cardboard circle. I only have to stitch a piece of fabric to the back and make a loop. The size is 6,5 inch (about 16,5 cm).

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