Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bubble and squeak

I made these ATC's for a blue and yellow swap. I was inspired by these ATC’s. She made a great tutorial a few days later. I used yarn, fabric and sequins between bubble plastic. It was fun to see how it changed after ironing it between baking paper. I only swapped 2 of them, so the others are still available for a swap if you are interested. Take a look at the photo here to see which ones are available. I received these ATC’s from Colleen (left) and Alicia for the same swap.


  1. Hy Annet,
    same technique but totally different.
    Very nice cards.

  2. Those look really fascinating - and with babelfish, I was able to get a passable translation and understand what to try. (My high school German wasn't quite up to the task!) Now i just need to find time to try it...

  3. Very nice blog

    (I'm french)

    Domi (France - Poitiers)

  4. I cannot get Babelfish to work on that site you referred to. What happens to the bubble wrap after you iron it and I'd like to know what temp the iron is supposed to be set at. Please can you help?
    LouAnne in California

  5. LouAnne:
    The temp of my iron was the same as I use for cotton. After ironing I cut the bubble wrap in 2,5x3,5” pieces and glued them on cardstock. But you can sew it on to I think. I hope this helps.

    Maybe you can use to translate the page.


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