Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rope framed

Don’t we all have finished projects, not knowing what to do with it. My embroidery Rope was one of them. I finished it in November 2011. Last year it was featured at Mr X stitch and a few weeks later I found the perfect frame for it. Now I only need to find a place on the wall to hang it!
This embroidery was inspired by Anneliese’s beautiful photo. The background is stitched in chicken scratch and cross stitch after trying some chicken scratch variations on this sampler. The ropes are stitched in a mix of chain stitch variations, Portuguese stem stitch, couching and French knots.


  1. How wonderful to get inspiration from another blogger! The Chicken Scratch sampler shows how dense or lacy the checked fabric gets with various stitches.

  2. this has worked so well and love the ropes you have added giving it a 3D look, Anneliese comes up with some great ideas.

  3. I have not come across the chicken scratch before but I must say it looks interesting, you have created some beautiful textures!


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