Thursday, February 13, 2014

Baroque lady

A few days ago I shared the beaded shell chain stitch collar of my baroque lady. 
I didn’t want to share the lady then, because she still needed a face. After stitching her face, she told me she wanted a necklace with a big diamond! Luckily my youngest daughter always gives her earrings to me, when she loses one. I keep them in a special box and there I found my ‘diamond’. The baroque lady was very happy with her new necklace.
The pattern of the baroque lady is designed by Ula Lenz.


  1. I love this lady Annet so posh with her diamond necklace and a very pretty dress

  2. Very nice quilting and an unusual design too!

  3. Fantastic dress and recycled jewellery! How many carats?

    1. Thanks Queenie. No idea about the carats I have no real diamond to compare!


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