Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday - January 8

It was time to continue my Fantasy fabric book. Last year I stitched the unicorn 
for the cover, but now I wanted to add the theme too. I liked the bold letters, but 
I didn’t like the look of my cover this way.
Much better! Here I’m stitching cross stitches on waste canvas. It’s not necessary to use a hoop, but it works better for me.
All done, it didn’t take much time.
Now I had to remove the waste canvas.
Then I had to damp stretch it for the second time.
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  1. waste canvas has really worked here, should have some in in case I want to use it, might be handy on my crazy blocks

  2. Good choice for the placement of the text. Waste canvas is a good 'helper'.


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