Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rice stitch

. . . and square boss stitch are the next tast stitches I tried. I used DMC, 4 threads for the square boss stitches and 4 and 2 threads for the rice stitches. I started in the upper left corner with both stitches. In the upper right corner I made a square with rice stitches. Under that square is an experiment with square boss stitches and a variation I saw somewhere on the internet. In the lower right corner I made a combination of the rice stitch and the square boss stitch in purple. It looks like a cross stitch with a diamond shape instead of a square. I thought this stitch could work for simple cross stitch patterns too, so I made a little house to try that. For the roof and the window I used 2 colours, for the wall just one and 3 colours for the door. Just click the picture to take a closer look.

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  1. These are great samples I just wanted to say I enjoyed looking at them and thankyou for shareing


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