Sunday, May 10, 2009

Casalguidi 6

I finished my raised stem stitch band on my Casalguidi embroidery, so now I can show you what I made. This started as an enlarged doodle. It's not finished yet. I have to add more grass at the bottom, some flowers on the right side and maybe a bird (or two) in the tree. I already wrote about the trunk and the sky here. And I made a tutorial for the green pulled thread triangle stitch here. The purple flower is done in detached chain stitches with a French knot, the stem is a whipped chain stitch with double detached chain stitch leaves. The butterfly is made of 4 detached chain stitches and a bullion knot with 2 straight stitches. Now I'm working on the grass. I use woven picots for those, with the help of Mary Corbet's video tutorial. Click the photo to see it bigger.


  1. That's a very creative application of the stitches - nice!

    (Tricia from swapbot)

  2. Congratulation, your result is very nice !

  3. This is lovely. It is striking and looks simple but I know that it isn't. Great combination of stitches.


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