Saturday, May 2, 2009

Casalguidi 4

This is just a sneak peek of my new Casalguidi project. It is going to be about 3 x 4 inch and I'm working on the background. The part on the photo is about
1 x 1 inch. The brown on the right side is the same stitch I tried here on the back of the fabric, but I changed the direction. The other stitch is new, I found it in a magazine I bought last week (Anna 5-2009). The brown line between the 2 stitches is the Portuguese stem stitch. I already know where to put my raised stem stitch band too!


  1. Het ziet er interessant uit Annet, ik ben erg benieuwd hoe het uiteindelijk wordt. Inmiddels ben ik ook aan de Casalguidi-steek zelf begonnen, zoals je morgenochtend op mijn blog kunt zien.

  2. Thank you for explaining the stitch details so well. Your work is fabulous and inspiring. I had a plan for the Casalguidi stitch and NOW I can't wait to get started. It was the background that bothered me.

    Your Assisi dragon is superb and the colours beautiful.

    I have bookmarked this site and look forward to more eye candy.


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