Thursday, September 20, 2018

Mini journal

More than 20 years ago I made a mini journal with pages from printer paper.

I didn’t like the old pages, so I changed them and made a video flip through, which you can see here.
These are the old pages.
Then it was time to add to my tiny pages. Page 1 has one of my handcarved stamps from Carve December 2017.
Page 2 has a quote I cut from a magazine and on page 3 I doodled an owl.
Lines on page 4 and Dutch words on page 5.
A doodle flower on page 6 with an acrylic background and a face doodle on page 7. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you know I made a lot of face doodles in the last few weeks!
Altering lines on page 8 and a male face doodle on page 9.
Another face doodle on page 10 and a Yogi tea label with a quote on page 11.
One of my handcarved house stamps from Carve December 2017 on page 12 and a clipping on page 13.
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  1. What a nice little journal. On the last page you show my home town from when I was young :-).


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