Monday, April 2, 2018


In January I started a new challenge: 365somethings2018. For me this is playing with paint, markers, pencils, (hand carved) stamps, clippings, etc on paper. This can be collaging in an altered book, drawing on index cards, doodling or drawing in a Moleskine, painting on watercolour paper, etc. I also hope to participate in the zentangle challenges at I am the Diva from time to time. Sometimes I’ll share a few of my 365somethings2018 here, but you can follow my challenge on my Facebook blog or Instagram. These are a few examples of the last weeks.

I used the tangles Sonia and Huggins.
72/365: a collage in an altered book
74/365 & 75/365: the start of my alphabet series,
yesterday I finished a page with P’s
85/365: a collage doodle in a small journal which I received in a swap a few years ago.
87/365: a hand lettered quote
97/365: a face doodle in the small journal, it’s inspired by the books of Marieke Blokland
108/365: a collage doodle inspired by Caatje’s composition collage tutorial
111/365: and today’s doodled owl’s, also inspired by the books of Marieke Blokland
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