Monday, March 12, 2018

It’s a Teesha Rainbow - BLUE

I participated in a series of swaps for Teesha Moore inspired patches with a rainbow colour. This was my last swap for this series. I sent these patches to Paula. It's a pity they didn’t arrive!
My first set of patches for Paula.
A Dutch patch with beads.
A patch with a crocheted turtle and feather stitch.
A closer look at the crocheted turtle.
So I made a new set for her, I’m glad they arrived safely.
My second set of patches for Paula.
An embroidered patch with bullion knots,
sheaf stitch and herringbone stitch.
A patch with buttons and cross stitches.
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  1. Both sets are grand, but I especially like the turtle - it looks crocheted!!!
    What great pity the first set did not arrive. You had obviously spent a lot of time and energy on making those two patches.

    1. Yes the turtle is crocheted. I always wonder what happened to my missing swaps!

  2. Awwww! Such a disappointment that they didn’t arrive. I’m always worried that such precious items won’t turn up, really puts one off posting!
    Lovely stitching, especially the Dutch patch. Cute turtle too!
    Barbara xx

    1. Thanks, Barbara. These missing packages keep me from swapping for a long time!


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