Monday, October 23, 2017

CatchPhrase V - Z

CatchPhrase is a journaling challenge at Daisy Yellow. Tammy gave us 26 prompts to work in our own pace. Read all about this challenge at Daisy Yellow.

I finished CatchPhrase in the beginning of the month, but there was no time to take photos of the finished journal and blog about them. So here are the last pages and the finished book.
CatchPhrase V: concentric
CatchPhrase W: stripes
CatchPhrase X: Lemon/Lime
CatchPhrase Y: postcard
I found this postcard a few months ago in an old book at my parents’ house.
It was sent to me in 1967!
CatchPhrase Z: stretched
Buiten spelen is Dutch for play outside.
On the last page I added an index with the prompts.
I’m happy with my first handbound book filled with pretty spreads!
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  1. You make such beautiful patterns.
    The book will ve a great coffee table book guest will want to look and look and look at!

    1. Thanks, Queenie. It's an inspiration for my embroidery too!

  2. Wat fantastisch om een eigen handgebonden boek te hebben!
    En ook nog zo mooi gevuld.

    1. Dank je wel, Marjolein. Ik ben al aan de volgende begonnen!


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