Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Embroidery on leaves

Last week I experimented with embroidery on fresh leaves. After the first photo I put them ‘back’ on their original place. I used 2 threads of stranded floss for my stitches.
Chevron stitch on an Eucalyptus leaf.
Whipped wheels on the leaves of our Helleborus.
Straight stitch, running stitch and pistil stitch on a Mahonia Media leaf.

My leaves after 5 days. It was a fun experiment, maybe I try it on dried leaves next time.
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  1. interesting to see these leaves I think if you had left them till they had dried they would have been to brittle to stitch on but maybe it will work. Wonder how they will be in a few weeks when the leaves have gone brittle

    1. Yes, I wonder how they will look over time too!

  2. I bet anyone who saw the leaves back in their real place must have been wondering: How on Earth....? WHAT plants are these?
    Great fun!


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