Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter eggs

I crocheted 23 Easter eggs for my bowl with a bonbon yarn set. It had 8 colours, 10 grams/35 meter each and I used it until the very last bit.
 I started with this free pattern, but also created a lot of striped eggs. 
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  1. These are so sweet! Just in the nick of time.

  2. much better for you than the chocolate ones! Happy eEster to you

  3. Your eggs are beautiful -so schöne Eier - Wir lieben beide zu häkeln!
    Danke für den Link

  4. Annet, I am delighted, this is a DROPS DESIGN. I love their yarns and their free patterns..

  5. These are beautiful Annet! Happy Easter to you! Christine x

  6. Pretty eggs, Annet! Lovely pattern too. Hope you had a lovely Easter!
    Barbara x

  7. Thanks, ladies. We had a relaxing Easter.

  8. Here I am again. I made one egg -and found that is very time consuming and not so easy - I made the zig-zag one. My admiration, Annett, for so many perfectly crocheted eggs.

    1. Thanks Anneliese. The zigzag ones are a bit tricky at first. And yes, they take more time. The striped ones I could do in about half an hour.


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