Monday, October 3, 2016

Maybelle Garden

A few weeks ago I found a few crochet squares in my cupboard and thought they would make a good start for a blanket.
I bought some extra yarn and made Maybelle squares in all colours.
Now I’m turning them into a join-as-you-go-blanket. Here I’m working on the third row.
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  1. Very pretty. I wish I could Crochet.

  2. Good contrast, the white makes the other colours pop!

  3. Very very pretty. White with other colors looks beautiful. I love maybelle flowers and had done two valances using those flowers. It's really addictive to make these flowers.

  4. that was a good find in the cupboard I think we all have half done projects lurking in a corner somewhere, blanket will be lovely and cosy come the cold weather

  5. The squares are a perfect find and will make a beautiful blanket.

  6. Thanks, ladies. I enjoy working on this blanket, I'm already working on my 5th row now!

  7. Such pretty squares, the blanket will be gorgeous. I´m in the middle of flat braid joining my squares.

    1. Thanks Sheryl. I cannot find your blog, I would love to see your squares.


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