Monday, August 15, 2016

ICAD week 7-9

This year participated in ICAD, which stands for Index Card A Day. There was a weekly theme with daily prompts. I managed to make a card each day, so I finished 61 cards. I shared them on my Facebook blog the day I created them and today I like to share card 43 – 61 with a bit more info. You can find the themes and prompts at Daisy Yellow.

A collage with my favourite mint tea for day 43.
Drawing and collage for day 44.
The Dutch words for day 45 says: Start today with simple craft to inspire colourful ideas.
A collage for day 46, can you tell I enjoy making these?
The prompt for day 47 was perfect for the backside of my cover.
For day 48 I only used the weekly theme for this collage.
A Super Hero for day 49.
After watching a few videos at YouTube I was brave enough to draw this  paisley design for day 50.
A drawing in ecoline and markers for day 51. Paars is Dutch for purple.
A collage for day 52, these portraits were waiting a long time in my stash for a nice spot.
A collage on a napkin background for day 53.
Drawing and collage for day 54. The words came from an old Dutch dictionary.
For day 55 I just printed, coloured, cut and glued. I found the colouring page here.
A collage with pages from an old book, paper flowers and a tea label for day 56.
This was on my to-do-list for a long time, the prompt for day 57 was perfect for it. The Dutch words says: do you want supermarket stamps?
Just had to use my new stamp on the index card for day 58.
Washi tape and stamps for day 59.
Another collage for day 60, it has a washi tape border.
I carved my very first stamp for day 61. This card completed the challenge.
I’m still working on turning these cards into a hand bound book. I’ll share it here when it’s finished.You can take a closer look at all cards I made for ICAD 2016 in my Flickr album.

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