Thursday, January 7, 2016

Top 2000 Party: day 2-7

Not long after posting my spreads for the first day of Marit’s Top 2000 Party, my computer crashed. Of course I continued making my spreads, but I could only post them on my Facebook blog with my tablet. Now I have a new computer, so I can share them today in this post. Clicking the photos will bring you to the song at YouTube.
1502 Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
1433 Living Doll - Cliff Richard & The Young Ones
1403 Damn Those Eyes – Kane
1087 Shout! - Tears for Fears
711 In The Dutch Mountains - Nits 
596 Bright Eyes - Art Garfunkel 
509 Flappie - Youp van ‘t Hek 
285 Dreadlock Holiday - 10CC 
79 Goodnight Saigon - Billy Joel 
1 Imagine- John Lennon
You can visit my Top 2000 Party album if you like to take a closer look at my spreads.


  1. How did I miss your blog? I love your stitching.
    Just looked at your FB page. Im currently sewing a dear Jane.
    Please tell me the language of
    so I can translate it.
    I am going to follow you.
    can you tell I am impressed with your work.
    Kathleen Mary

    1. Great to hear you're sewing a Dear Jane, I made a baby Jane years ago, you can find it if you click on the label Dear Jane in my sidebar at the left. The pattern at Hardangar is in Dutch, but there's a link to the original French (?) pattern at her site too. Just took a looks at your pretty Jane blocks, it must be tricky to sew them by machine, I made mine by hand.

  2. these are wonderful so colourful and full of character. Good to know you have a new computer, have ben having problems too but they took it back to factory settings, lost everything but had backed most things onto memory sticks and plan to put them back on today. The worst thing is all the paswords I have not got a record of.

    1. Thanks, Margaret.Every time I work on my new computer I learn something new, sometimes it's something I should not have done! I'm so lucky to have lost nothing of what was on my old computer, thanks to my clever DH!

  3. WAt een geweldige top 2000 week was het hè?!? Ik heb ervan genoten en zo te zien jij ook! Als je werken staan in de posts op mijn blog hoor, dank je wel voor het meespelen. Oh, en ik zou het bijna vergeten: GELUKKIG NIEUWJAAR!!!

    1. Ja, het was een feest om aan de pagina's te werken. Nu alleen de kaft en de inhoudsopgave nog 'even' afmaken!

  4. Great ideas! Will be back to listen to some of the tunes that I don't know.

    Shame your old computer crashed! I hope you are getting on OK with the new one.

    Barbara xx

    1. Thanks, Barbara. I'm learning every time I work at my computer, I will get there!


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