Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas cards

This year I participated in the Christmas card swap at Fibre Fever again. I made a CQ card for Maureen and used TAST stitches on the seams. Stacked half Chevron stitch in cotton a broder and Kreinik fine braids 8, woven crossed buttonhole stitch in perle 5, feather stitch in perle 5 and barred chain stitch in perle 5. Click the photo to have a closer look.
And this is the pretty card Janny made for me. Thanks, Janny.
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  1. 2 lovely cards, have a happy Christmas time

  2. 2 gorgeous cards, Annett! Lovely stitches! Happy Christmas!

    Barbara xx

  3. Thanks ladies for the Christmas wishes. My computer crashed, so I couldn't comment earlier.


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