Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday - January 21

It’s been 2 months since my last WIPW post, time to continue with my phoenix embroidery. I think I’m ready with pulled thread and I want to continue with needlepoint. I wasn’t sure which stitches to use, there are so many in my embroidery books!
The RSN book Canvaswork by Rachel Doyle was a big help. Lots of info about how to use the different needlepoint stitches. It’s the first time I read an embroidery book from cover to cover! The author made a lovely needlepoint sampler with 1 inch squares in red. That would be a great help to see how stitches behave on my fabric. Not only for this project, but for future projects too. In short, I started a 9 x 9 inch sampler on 28 count linen to stitch 1 inch square samples of needlepoint stitches. I use DMC perle 8 in pink 602, I have a 25 g skein of it in my stash and hope it will be enough. Here are the first 3 samples.
First I stitched Victorian step, which I found in the RSN book Canvaswork. It’s a lovely stitch, but I think it would look better in a thicker thread.
This is Hungarian grounding.
There are a few variations on brick stitch, this is brick filling. I found it in Stitch Sampler by Lucinda Ganderton. You can stitch brick filling in 2 colours too, just like Hungarian grounding. It means I have to start another sampler for colourful samples.
I’m not sure which stitch or stitches to use on my phoenix, there are a few more stitches I want to try first. Hopefully I have some progress to share next week, these squares are time consuming (50-60 minutes).

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  1. What a good idea to try out some stitches on a sampler before deciding which stitches to use in a project. The sampler will be a piece of art in itself.

    1. Thanks Queenie. Today I prepared another sampler for the multicoloured stitches. All I need is a few 25 grams skeins in matching colours, shopping time!

  2. It is always difficult to decide what stitches to use, there are so many to choose from, good luck!

    1. I enjoy making these little squares, it's so relaxing.


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