Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Old slipped detached chain stitches

TAST stitch 68 is slipped detached chain stitch. It’s one of my favourite stitches and today I want to share a few old examples. Of course I start with my TAST 2010 sampler. I posted a slideshow about the making of it here.
This sample is part of my PLOS border sampler. I stitched a feather stitch with perle 5 and decorated it with slipped detached chain stitches in perle 8 and 12.
A detail on my PLOS sampler There is no spoon. The slipped detached chain stitches were part of the base for my whipped wheel. The thread is perle 12.
This is a seam on my Vintage fabric book page. Chevron stitch in stranded floss and slipped detached chain stitches in cotton a broder.
A seam on block 2 for Karen’s class Embroider, Embellish, Create. I decorated the half chevron stitches in perle 12 with slipped detached chain stitches in cotton a broder.
This spider is part of my second block for Sharon’s Encrusted class. I wrote a tutorial for this spider here.


  1. Die eerste foto... wat een prachtig borduurwerk! Helemaal mijn smaak!

  2. Oh, Annet, I am always full of admiration for your beautiful needle work, there seems to be no end to your creativity. You are also so organised, having records and info from the past to show. For the rest of us, this is so valuable. Thank you for sharing all this with us.
    At a first glance I thought there were lots of various stitches in your TAST 2010 sampler, but after viewing the slide show I realise how effective the colours and angles are in 'tricking' the eye.
    'There is no spoon' has a stunning purple creation and the spider is just out of this world!!!

  3. I like the look of this latest stitch, have not come across it before so must try and make time to have a go, way behind on tast now.
    A wonderful spider will pop over and have a read about it.

  4. Your work is so interesting, Annet. Love the spider!
    Barbara M

  5. some lovely samples. i like the "shading" highlight on the top pic. gives depth.

  6. thank you for the birthday wishes Annet! I know I always say this and I must be getting very boring but your stitching is beautiful....and you use such gorgeous colours too.


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