zondag 2 december 2012

Block 5

Today I had some time to stitch on my last block for Karen’s class embroider, embellish create. But when I added French knots I saw the lace fabric had the wrong side at the front! So I frogged my stitches and removed the fabric. When 
I turned it the right way it didn’t fit anymore, so I needed something to replace it. First I wanted to use a new piece of the same fabric, but then I found this lovely doily. It was just right for this block. After preparing the block again I embroidered a tied herringbone and French knots, but it was too dark to take a nice photo.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Ja, soms gaat iets niet zoals je wilt en blijkt er toch ineens een andere, hele mooie oplossing te zijn. Dit ziet er heel fraai uit!

  2. certainly you found a very pretty doily and have used it to great efect

  3. I'm sure your block looks lovely with this doily on it. Hope you'll post another picture of the whole piece.