dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

Old linked double chain stitches

The TAST stitch for week 34 is linked double chain. This is my TAST 2007 sample. It’s stitched with different threads, from top to bottom: orange cotton a broder, 3 threads of stranded floss, perle 5 and organza ribbon. At the left side I made a variation with perle 5, I added an extra step with 3 chain stitches next to each other.
This is an ATC I made a few days after I finished my TAST 2007 sampler. It’s stitched on felt with perle 5.
This is a seam on my crazy ornament Flip Flop. It’s also stitched with perle 5.
My last sample is a progress photo of my PLOS sampler Birth. I stitched the green linked double chain with perle 8.
I enjoyed flipping through my photo’s and reading my old notes for this post. It gave me a few more idea’s to experiment with this stitch.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke voorbeelden weer, Annet. Die ATC vind ik mooi, leuk die combinatie van vilt, kralen en perle.

  2. Thank you very much for posting your linked double stitches. It helps a lot to see what the stitch is supposed to look like.

  3. I agree! what a joy to see your embroidery, stitches, and use of fibers

  4. Yours look so much better than mine!!! LOL.
    xoxo- Julie

  5. TAST 2007? Wow, how fun that you've done this before. Fun to see different uses of this stitch, I just made my first try today.