Saturday, August 6, 2011

Portuguese stem stitch corner

When I stitched the border of Nefertiti in Portuguese stem stitch, I just made a continuous line. I ended up with round corners, which was not a bad thing for this embroidery. But for my new embroidery I wanted some neat corners. This is what I did.

When I finished the last stitch, I took my needle into the corner and pulled the thread to the back.

It looked like this.

Then I took my thread through the second stitch from the corner to secure the thread.

I took the thread to the front in the corner.

I whipped the 2 threads from bottom to top for the first time . . .

. . . and the second time.

Then I took my thread to the back, close to the whipped stitches pointing to the centre of the stitch.

I ended up with a neat corner.

This corner is stitched with perle 8.


  1. So happy you take the time to do step by steps!

  2. Your tutorials are clear and really useful. I second Rose's comment; THANK YOU for sharing.

  3. You give such wonderfully clear instructions and the photos just top it off. Thank you for teaching us.


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