Monday, November 15, 2010

Fabric beads

Last week I wanted to make a little present for a quilting friend, but I had no idea what to make for her. Then I remembered these cute fabric beads. I used this tutorial for mine. The biggest knitting needle I had was a never used plastic size 10, so I used that and it went very well. Before I knew it there were 5 fabric beads ready.

Then I put the fabric beads on a piece of ribbon and alternated them with some bigger beads from my stash. Yesterday I needed to wrap them as a gift, but I had no nice bag for it. I made one from a scrap of lace curtain with a scallop edge. For the rope I used a piece of organza ribbon with a smaller bead at each side.


  1. What an interesting idea. the beads are great, and will look amazing on some embroidery. I am sure your friend will be thrilled to receive them.

  2. You created beautiful beads. I like them. And thanks for your comments on my blog.


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