Saturday, October 30, 2010

Personal Library of Stitches 8

Today I want to show you some details of my first sampler for the 5th week of this class. This first one is 2 rows of buttonhole stitches. Chevron stitches with four legged knots.
A variation of the Cretan stitch with square boss stitches.
And the finished sampler.

There's a bigger picture of my sampler here.


  1. You are just so creative, and these stitches are beautifully executed...I like the staggered buttonhole, and the cretan.....the colour are just lovely as well....

  2. Thanks, Shirley for your comments. The size of this sampler is 4 x 6 inch. I forgot to add this, because all my samplers for this class are the same size. Except the one I started today!


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