donderdag 5 november 2009

Russet and blue

. . . are the colours of the lovely ATC’s Hannah made for me. She called them ‘Study in russet’ and ‘Blue draping’.

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  1. i'm really new to this whole stitching thing, and it's driving me crazy--what's an ATC? please help!

  2. Kristin:
    ATC stand for Artist Trading Cards. These are small cards (2,5 x 3,5 inch) and I like to make fabric ATC’s. You can read more about them here:
    I hope this helps, I have no other way to contact you!

  3. The blue draped one is very nice. At our Retreat in Colorado I saw Lesley's landscape cq hangings and she used similar draping in the middle of her block for texture. It really worked well.