Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday-August 1

One of the tips in Sharon’s post about managing large projects was keeping everything in one place. So this week I finally  started reorganizing my knitting yarn. There were baggies with yarn in every free space and the one I needed was always in the last baggie! So I bought 2 large boxes to store my yarn on colour. It’s a pity I didn’t take any photos of the mountain of knitting yarn on my working table!
 I also managed to finish another flower at the left side of my quilt.
This is how it looks at the backside of my quilt.
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  1. Well done with sorting your yarn. That's a job I must get round to. The flower is lovely.

  2. That's a very neat back! Mine are usually messy! The front looks good, too! Way to go on the yarn management.

  3. Your quilting is superb, Annet.


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