Sunday, March 25, 2012

Barred chain & alternating barred chain

The TAST stitch for week 12 is barred chain and alternating barred chain. I used 2 different samplers for my stitches. I stitched 3 borders on the Aida, but I started with white on a black linen. From top to bottom the threads are perle 5, perle 8, perle 12, 2 threads of stranded floss and DMC 80.
Two rows of purple barred chain combined with a yellow running stitch.
An alternating barred chain with Stef Francis spun silk with flames.
The same alternating barred chain, but now I added French knots. It was inspired by Christina’s sampler.
Two rows of purple barred chain almost touching.
There’s a bigger photo of the unfinished Aida sampler on my Flickr-page.


  1. So perfect and so neat. Lovely examples of barred chains. Thank you for sharing them. Marion x


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