Sunday, May 31, 2009

Needleweaving 2

This is my second attempt to needleweaving. I still wanted to try pulled thread, so I used some aïda for it. It was very easy to count the stitches, but it was very hard to pull out the threads! It was supposed to become a square, but I made a small rectangle (3 inch long). I didn't weave in the pulled threads. On the long sides I made hemstitches and straight stitches on the other sides. The weaving was very easy on this fabric. I made small bars over 2, 3, 4 and 5 stitches with 2 different colours.


  1. Hoi Annet,

    Een leuk experiment en het is erg netjes geworden, maar ik denk dat Aida toch eigenlijk niet zo'n geschikte ondergrond is voor needle weaving juist vanwege het moeizame uittrekken van draden. Wel lijkt het me goed vorm te houden, en dat is met linnen meer een probleem. Nou ja, eigenlijk is dus voor beide stoffen iets te zeggen.

  2. Nifty - you are having fun with needle weaving.


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