Monday, May 18, 2009

Chicken scratch heart

I started this heart last February, after I finished this. I used the same fabric. Last week I finished it as a birthday present for a quilting friend. I used white thread for one side of the heart and red for the other side. It's fun to see it's so different! On the edge I attached some white ribbon with red beads. I didn't make the roses, I just bought them. They just finished my little heart.


    Just wanted to pass on this award to you as you deserve it for your fab blog.....should be able to link it here

  2. Your heart is lovely - the colour of thread really changes the look doesn't it!

  3. Het is een oude post van je, maar ik wil toch even reageren. Ik was natuurlijk op je blog aan het zoeken naar Chicken Scratch. Dit hart vind ik erg mooi geworden. Het is inderdaad leuk om te zien wat een verschil het maakt of je wit of rood garen gebruikt.

    1. Dank je wel, Paula. Dit hart was erg leuk om te maken, mijn vriendin was er ook erg blij mee!


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