Monday, March 19, 2012

Second pebble

Yesterday I prepared the base for my second pebble. I rust dyed the muslin in
a tin box a few weeks ago. I wrapped the fabric around a rusty screw with an eye.
After rinsing, washing, drying and ironing it looked like this.
I secured most things I wanted to trap between 2 layers of muslin with a few stitches. At this point only the bottom fabric was stretched in a hoop. 
After trapping them between the 2 layers of muslin I stretched both pieces of muslin together in my 6 inch embroidery hoop.
A detail in a different angle. I’m looking forward to start stitching on this pebble.
This pebble is part of the pebble adventure at Stitchin Fingers
We use this tutorial to stitch our pebbles.


  1. I really like how you not only rusted the fabric with enclosing something in the enclosed the fabric in something to rust it!!!

  2. Really funny and interesting!


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