Monday, December 19, 2011

TAST 2007 fabric book

I finally made a fabric book of the samplers I made for TAST 2007! It was a great way to learn how to use my new sewing machine. The pages are made of black denim, the samplers are stitched on muslin. I started stitching them in 2008 and finished the last one just before the start of TAST 2010. Only 49 stitches, I skipped the cross stitch, satin stitch and the long and short stitch. The cover of my fabric book. It closes with some ribbon and a button.
Page 1: herringbone stitch, buttonhole stitch, detached chain stitch, berry stitch and Cretan stitch.

Page 2: Chevron stitch, Algerian eyes, feather stitch and fly stitch.
Page 3: barred chain stitch, up and down buttonhole stitch, couching and knotted Cretan stitch.

Page 4: bonnet stitch, oyster stitch, Palestrina stitch and running stitch.
Page 5: woven and whipped wheels, Basque stitch, butterfly chain stitch and crossed buttonhole stitch.

Page 6: wheatear stitch, French knots, half chevron stitch, bullion knots and sheaf stitch.
Page 7: arrowhead stitch, buttonhole wheels, cast on stitch, crested chain stitch and scroll stitch.

Page 8: Portuguese stemstitch, shisha stitch, cable chain stitch, knotted buttonhole band and reversed buttonhole bar.
Page 9: rice stitch, square boss stitch, linked double chain stitch, lace border stitch, twisted satin stitch, drizzle stitch, zigzag Spanish knotted stitch, Pekinese stitch, knotted cable chain, chain braid stitch, chained bar stitch and Spanish feather stitch.

Page 10: zigzag Spanish knotted stitch, Pekinese stitch, thorn stitch and pistil stitch.
It was very difficult to take good photo's, so I made a video while I was flipping through the pages.

There's another TAST challenge next year. Read more about it at Pintangle.


  1. What a wonderful resource you have now. Arlene


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