Saturday, November 26, 2011

Strawberry cupcake

For this ATC I made a combination of trapunto and embroidery. Instead of quilting the cupcake, I embroidered it in Portuguese stemstitch. Then I stuffed it from the back and added the French knots and leaves in woven picot. The stem is a padded satin stitch. There's a bigger photo of this ATC at my Flickr-page. This is the second ATC I made for Janet for the July swap at Stitchin Fingers. Unfortunately it's gone astray again!!!


  1. It's very yummy! A neat design. What a shame it's missing, too. Maybe three's the charm.

  2. Looks very nicely done Annet & neat that you added stuffing from the back. Can't believe that you've had two ATC's that have gone missing now. :(

  3. Someone handling the post from you to me must love your yummy 'cakes'....and it's why it never reached its destination!


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