Saturday, June 4, 2011

TAST fabric book page 5

These are the stitches for weeks 17-20 of the TAST 2010 challenge. The up and down feather stitch was inspired by the floral spray on my first encrusted CQ block. The buttonhole wheel cup was very addictive, I couldn't stop until the square was filled with stitches! You can watch it grow in this slideshow. There are photo's with more info about each stitch in my TAST album at Flickr.


  1. I like how you are making your stitch pages, Annet, and creating something beautiful as well as instructive.

  2. Your wonderful fabric books are going to be invaluable sources of reference Annet. I liked all your your samples last year. Just wish I had been able to do the names of the stitches as neatly as you did.

  3. The whole page is great but I particularly love the buttonhole wheels and cups. You are so very creative, Annet.


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